clock + date + calendar + much, much, more...

PhotoFramePlus is an exciting new type of app designed to turn your iPad into a multifunction display unit.

A single tap of the finger swaps from photo slideshow to year view calendar.

Multitasking comes to the iPad...

And this is just the start. We'll be adding new screens to PhotoFramePlus that add more and more functionality. Want to look at your photos, control your music, follow Twitter or RSS feeds all at the same time?You tell us what screens you want and we'll build them for you.

  • Clock

    Adds time, date and calendar display to your photos.

  • Photos

    Intelligently crops your photos to fill the screen regardless of orientation. Create galleries of your favourite pictures.

  • Calendar

    Full year view with infinite calendar.

    Week numbers.

  • Much, Much, More!

    More exciting screens coming soon…

    Use in-app purchases to buy only the features you want